Current Issue

Pirate Pic




Alan White: Front Cover
Al Sirois : Loccol
Jay Kinney : BEAM label logo
Jay Kinney/Nic Farey : Corflu 31 logo
Selina Phanara :The Drink Tank #356 cover
Steve Stiles : BACOVER
Anne Stokes : TAFF logo

Alan Dorey : (Simon Ounsley)
Jim Gallagher : (Jim Barker, The Trial of Ian Sorensen)
Judith Hanna : (Joseph Nicholas)
Graham James collection : (D West, Yorcon)
Gary Mattingly : (Corflu XXX)
Mac Rhind : (Brave granny)
Bob Sneddon : (Custard pies)

Alan White : (Jim Trash)

Other photographs/illos, predictably nicked off the internet, selfies or unknown credit. Or bloody Facebook profile pics.




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  1. Very nicely done, lads. I am impressed. This weekend would be the time to write a loc. I have been taking my time reading the zine, and all but done for the lettercolumn. But for now, I really like the website, finding it easy to navigate and even easier to read. Good job, fellows!

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