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I hardly know where to begin.  Something astounding is to be found in every piece of writing that comprises your sixth issue of a decidedly incandescent Beam.

Al Johnston’s B/W pictorial of Novacon was a comprehensive way to peruse the premises (no plane required).  The newspaper-like photos and accompanying commentary made me wish I had been able to catch that plane.

Kat Templeton’s Thirtysomething really resonated.  Like her, I dislike the divisions of fandom into feudal (pun intended) segments of interest.  Perhaps what’s needed is our own giant green Statue of Liberty, Cthulhu-shaped,and holding a plaque that reads, “Send me your fanzine fans, your SMOFs, your media marauders, your costumers and conrunners…the  voracious consumers of your teeming bookstores…”


 Andy Hooper’s gender parity piece delivered a dry, devastating hilarity that had me split between envy and admiration.  Envyration?  Admirenvious?  Mr. Hooper is superb.

I also enjoyed Catherine Crockett’s Guest Liason piece, finding it fascinating to get a glimpse behind the scenes as well as advice on liaison etiquette.  That translates into best practices for guests of any kind and is particularly gratifying in a world where civility can often be considered a mere option in behavior.

Since I accompanied Alan White to Loscon 39, I was privy to his hijinx as Artist GoH, but no one tells it like Alan, although he is never the best one to sing his own praises.  His basket of goodies contained a mayonnaise sampler and a zombie brain.  He’s THAT good.

Ron Gemmel is a new Facebook friend of mine, and I thank him for taking me along on his trip to Jupiter via Patrick Moore.  Fanzine articles are a way of “Getting to Know You” as Deborah Kerr (really Marni Nixon) sang in The King and I.  Terrific introduction, Ron.

Nic and Jim – outstanding issue all around!  Really pleased that Jim is my co-administrator for TAFF (I joked about our J-M-pire) and that Nic is so close to the cause.  Your pieces on TAFF are naturally close to my heart, so don’t make any loud, expected noises, will ya?

Great issue, great job.

Thank you

I love Al’s photos. Goodness knows how he manages it but he can make even the more peculiar looking amongst us look half way photogenic. A talented man indeed. I think you and I will be a fine TAFF administrative team. I’ve very much looking forward to our time in the admin chair. It’s going to be fun!

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