Beam 07 : LoCs


Shagged out post-TAFF trip loc editing and comments mostly by Jim
Loc illos by Al Sirois

Rob Imes

Enjoyed Kat Templeton’s “Thirtysomething” article. I am new to SF fandom, altho older illo - tired old fanthan Kat (I’m 42). I’d heard about SF fandom of past decades (1930s, etc.) but only really learned about current SF fandom last year. The jargon can take some getting used to, but I don’t take it very seriously. I think that rather than needing to fit in, younger SF fans should be eager to make their own mark on fandom, in their own way — create their own legends and not be bound by the past in any way. (I’d still prefer it to be thru zines, though, either paper or electronic ones, rather than blogs, FB posts, etc. Of course, here I am commenting about a zine with a FB post instead of an LOC… That’s because an LOC seems to require more thought and planning than a mere FB post does.)

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(With apologies to Sir Mix-a-lot, here is a Rap of Comment on BEAM #6)andyHooper
I like big zines and I can not lie
You other punters can’t deny
That when the mail comes in with a taste from outer space
And a Rotsler in your face

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That is probably the single funniest article Andy Hooper has ever written. I laughed like a jnhchorus of drains. Unfortunately, those who would be ( or ought to be) most chastened by such satire probably won’t read it.

Speaking of being chastened, that was me on reading Kat Templeton. I cannot speak forany North American fans, but in relation to the U.K. at least those of us of a certain age and of a common fannish background are probably a very “in” group to those outside it.

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illos - moonlighting wizards of space and timeThank you for the newest Beam, naughty bits and all. It’s a cold day out (supposed to be spring, but…), so staying inside to write locs sounds pretty good right now. I have a dental appointment later in the day, so time to get this done, keeps my mind off the drill.

Hope everyone had a great Eastercon…I know of at least three Torontonians who were there, one’s come back, the others are still in the UK and environs, doing touristy things. One fine day, I will get to an Eastercon, but next year’s Loncon is more likely.

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I loved Steve Stiles’ Alien Flashing cover on Beam #6! And Andy Hooper’s riff on the next robertLichtmanstep beyond mere gender parity was a hoot. I could take a side trip here and express in detail my view that Gender Parity In All Things is a crock, but I’ll avoid all that and say that from my admittedly heterosexual point of view it works best in sexual matters. Others’ mileage will undoubtedly vary, and I’m okay with that.

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I hardly know where to begin.  Something astounding is to be found in every piece of jacquelineMonahanwriting that comprises your sixth issue of a decidedly incandescent Beam.

Al Johnston’s B/W pictorial of Novacon was a comprehensive way to peruse the premises (no plane required).  The newspaper-like photos and accompanying commentary made me wish I had been able to catch that plane.

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Well, it has certainly been a long time since I’ve written a letter of comment to anyone, so demon illoeven though I’m writing this under threat of deadline, consider yourselves fortunate to get this. Now it’s your turn to reciprocate because Askance 29 is now posted on Go there, read and loc. Jim Trash – a.k.a, Mowatt the TAFF Delegate- has a paper copy since he received one at LoneStarCon 3. I do have more print copies available, so maby Nic will get one, too. We shall see once I ship of contributor’s copies. There should be a handful left after that.

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I’d really wanted to respond to BEAM #5 too. But let’s not dwell on the past, except where Changing Audiencewe can get interesting fan writing out of it.

I’d like to be the 73rd person, or thereabouts, to say how glad I am that Kat Templeton decided not to gafiate – but I do note that she hasn’t quite worked through and resolved her original problem yet.

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